San Toys Quadrille

Formation:     Quadrille Sets, 4 couples
Numbering:    1,2 Top couples, 3,4 Side couples (3rd couple on right of 1st couple)

Figure 1 (4 x 32 bars)

8       Introduction – Salute partners and corners
8       Top Couples (1st and 2nd) Right and Left through (Pass opposite by right shoulder, partner by left, opposite by right, partner by left)
8       Top Couples swing partners (two hand open hold).
8       Top Ladies Cross Over and Swing opposite man.
8       Top Ladies Cross Back and Swing partners.

32     Side Couples (3rd and 4th) Repeat
32     Top Couples Repeat
32     Side Couples Repeat

Figure 2 (4 x 32 bars)

4       Top Couples Advance and Retire
12     Top Couples swing partners,
8       Top and Bottom Lines, Advance & Retire Twice
8       All Swing Partners

32     Side Couples repeat, (form side lines)
64     Tops and Sides repeat.

Figure 3 (4 x 32 bars)

8      1st man solo visit, turning clockwise on spot in front of each couple
8      All swing corners.
8      Promenade with corners to man's place
8      All swing new partner, finish in place beside new partner.

32     Repeat with 2nd man
32     Repeat with 3rd man
32     Repeat with 4th man

Figure 4 (4 x 40 bars)

16   1st Couple waltz set (visit, circular waltz turns with brief curtsey at each couple)
16   Waltz Chain half way round set, meet partners.
8     Waltz to place.

40   Repeat with 2nd couple visiting
40   Repeat with 3rd couple visiting
40   Repeat with 4th couple visiting

This Dance Description Copyright Don Richmond 2006
This may be reproduced for self-educational purposes.
Prepared for Heritage Ball May 2006
Last updated May 23, 2006