2014 Heritage Ball

Parramatta Town Hall

Church Street Mall


Saturday 17th May, 2014

Thank you for supporting the Bush Music Club's Heritage Ball for 2014.

Note that the Ball will run from 7:30pm - 12:30am.

The Town Hall doors will open at 7:15pm with the Grand March starting after an opening dance at 7:30pm.

There will be three breaks during the evening for a light supper and non-alcoholic refreshments will available continuously during the evening.

There are several parking options, both off-street and kerb-side within the Parramatta CBD that are available to you. To avoid any inconvenience, please take note of the closing time of the parking station. Note too that most parking is metered during the evenings.

Most of the dances on the program will be called and walked through prior to being danced. The level of instruction for each dance may vary according to each dance's requirements and the capability and experience of the ball attendees as determined during the night.

There are dances that will not be walked through. The couples' dances will be demonstrated for those dancers who are unfamiliar with the dance.

For instructional notes on the dances programmed for the Ball, you may wish to visit other pages on my web-site, where I have published a set of instructions for each dance. See Heritage Ball 2014 Program , there should also be a link to it on the Bush Music Club's web-site http://www.bushmusic.org.au/

Don Richmond