CHOGM Pentrille

Formation: Circular Set 5 couples

Numbering: 1,4,2,5,3 anti clockwise around set (count every second couple)

Music: 5 x 64 bar jigs

4 ADVANCE AND RETIRE, with hands joined to form a circle

4 CIRCLE LEFT, 8 slip steps


4 CIRCLE RIGHT, keep hands joined around the set.

8 COUPLE 1 SPLIT THE RING, cross the set, pass through a single hand arch made by 2nd lady and 5th man,

then drop hands with partner (couple 1 only) and lead each half of the circle around the outside

of the set to original places. Arching couple turn under own arch in place.

8 SPLIT THE RING THE OTHER WAY. Couple 1 raised joined (inside) hands to form a single arch and 2nd Lady and 5th man cross the set, pass through the arch and separate to return to place, each leading their half of the set behind them

4 ARCHES, COUPLES 1 AND 2 change places, couple 1 make arch (single hand), couple 2 under arch, each couple do courtesy turn in place

4 COUPLES 1 AND 3 change places

4 COUPLES 1 AND 4 change places

4 COUPLES 1 AND 5 change places


4 SWING partners

8 PROMENADE around set to finish in new position

64 x 4 Repeat with new couple in 1st place each time.