Blackwattle Reel

Formation: Circle of couples, facing centre, ladies on partner's right
Music:  32 bar reels (original tune)
Author: Amnon & Sheryn Doernberg 1979

8    All advance and retire twice, hands joined in circle
2    Turn partners once around with right hand
2   Turn corners with left hand
2    Turn partner right hand
2   Turn corner left hand
4   Do-si-do partner right shoulder
4   Do-si-do partner left shoulder
1    Step to own right one step
1   Acknowledge partner (bow/curtsey)
2    Move forward, pass partner by left to meet new partner
4    Swing new partner, reform circle with lady on man's right.

32   Repeat as required

Dance Description Copyright Don Richmond  2008
Last updated March 17, 2008.
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