La Galopade

from Two Hundred Dancing Years, Shirley Andrews and Peter Ellis, p.48

Formation: Longways Set, 8 couples in 2 lines of 4 couples on each side facing across

Music: 32 bar reels




Galop in and back - All couples, in ballroom hold, galop 4 steps towards opposite couple and back to place


Galop in and Ladies cross - Galop forward again, ladies cross to opposite man (ladies pass face to face, give right hand to opp man) galop out with opposite man


Galop In/Back/In Ladies Cross - Repeat previous 8 bars to finish with original partner


Ladies Chain - Ladies chain across set with opposite lady, men turn lady under left hand as she dances round him


Top couple galop down - 1st couple on "ladies" side dance to bottom of set on own side, other couples move up one place


Repeat 3 times, then each top couple on other side dances down


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