Formation: Couples dance, upper promenade hold (as for Pride of Erin)

Start each movement on Left foot

Music: 24 bar


2     Four slow steps forward, starting on Left foot

2     Chassez Left and Right (step/together/step to left then to right)

1     Two Steps forward, turn (clockwise) halfway round

1     Four Steps backwards along LOD

1     Two Steps forward (against LOD) , turn (anti-clockwise) halfway round

1     Four Steps backwards against LOD

4     Grapevine as in other Maxina versions, moving diagonally to
    right with each step around LOD, step forward first onto left foot,
    bring right foot up to close, step back on left, close with
    right, repeat for total of eight step-closes.

2     Starting left foot, take two steps forward, then four steps
    backwards, but with first backwards step (on left foot) on
    right side of right foot (a crossover step)

2     Repeat two steps forward, four backwards, with the crossover
    step on the first of the backwards steps

2     Take two steps forward around LOD, Ladies turn out away from
    partner and return to ballroon hold

6     Waltz with partner around LOD.

24     Repeat as required