Monaro Folk Society
Colonial Ball 2012

September 1st, Albert Hall, CANBERRA

The List of Dances

Note These instructions are provided as a reference only for dancers attending the Ball.
The dance descriptions and terminology presented here may
also differ slightly from those used at the Ball.

The Schottische
Grand March
The First Set (The Quadrille)
Jacaranda Dance
Railway Polka
Cooee March
Casuarina Waltz
Haymaker's Jig
Waterfall Waltz
Polka Quadrille
The Maxina
Barn Dance
The Tempest
Palma Waltz
Blackwattle Reel
Gypsy Tap
Circassian Circle 1&2
Waltz Country Dance
Love em and Leave em
Postie's Jig ##

# Not walked through.

This page updated August 28, 2012.