Railway Polka

Written by John Short 2005 (Winner 2005 BMC Dance Competition)
Formation: Quadrille Set 4 couples numbered 1,2 Tops, 3,4 sides
Music: 4 x 48 bar Polka

8    Couple 1 polka around inside set
8    Couples 1 and opposite couple polka around inside set.
4    Top couples (Couple 1 and 2) Heel/Toe x 2 then crossover (men pass back to back)
4    Top couples Heel/Toe x 2 then cross back to place (ladies back to back)
8    Side couples repeat Heel/Toe and cross overs
4    Ladies RH star once around, men dance anticlockwise half way
4    LH turn once round with opposite (ladies in place, men in opposite place)
4    Ladies RH star once round, Men dance anticlockwise to place (half-way)
4    Left hand turn with partner once round

48 x 3 Repeat with each couple leading, Tops, Sides, Sides

Dance Description Copyright Don Richmond  2006
This may be reproduced for self-educational purposes.