MFS Colonial Ball 2019

A Tribute to Floriade

September 28th, Albert Hall, CANBERRA

The List of Dances
Some dances may be held in reserve and danced should time permit.

Note These instructions are provided as a reference only for dancers
attending the Ball.
The dance descriptions and terminology presented here may
also differ slightly from those used at the Ball.

Gypsy Tap

Grand March

Foundation Quadrille Fig 1 – 3

Frangipani Waltz

Jacaranda Dance

Thady You Gander

Golden Wattle Waltz Quadrille

Numerella Jig

Lilac Waltz

Galopade Quadrille



BlackWattle Reel

Casuarina Waltz Quadrille

(Daisy) Chain Dbl Quadrille

Posties Jig

La Russe Quadrille

Silver Wattle Waltz

Flowers of Edinburgh

Southern Rose Waltz

Gumnut’s Quadrille (if time remaining)

# Couples dances will be announced and commenced by dancers familar with the dance.

This page updated September 23rd, 2019.