Bundanoon DanceFest 2014

June 6th - 9th Bundanoon

An Index to the Dance Workshops

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The index and accompanying notes / instructions etc are provided as a reference for dancers attending the weekend.
The details have been gleaned from the event website through the program guide and the music published for each workshop and/or where possible from each workshop presenter.
This index is intended to be used as a guide/reference for the workshop contents.
The sequence and selection of dances for each workshop is at the discretion of each presenter and may differ from that listed in this index.
Please refer to the event program and daily updates during the weekend for possible changes to the details/location for each workshop.

Index to 2014 workshops (a work in progress)

Index to 2013 workshops

Index to 2012 workshops

Index to 2011 workshops (incomplete)

My 1st Workshop: BMC Competiton Winners

My 2nd Workshop: W is for Waltz

More to come

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