MFS Colonial Ball 2014

Recognising the Red Cross

September 6th, Albert Hall, CANBERRA

The List of Dances (in alphabetical order, .... see program on night for order)
Some dances may be held in reserve and danced should time permit.

Note These instructions are provided as a reference only for dancers
attending the Ball. More comprehensive instructions may be
prepared at a future time as resources permit.
The dance descriptions and terminology presented here may
also differ slightly from those used at the Ball.

Barn Dance (non-progressive then progressive)

Casuarina Waltz

The Pentrille

Cooee March

Federation Waltz

Foundation Quadrille

Grand March

Gypsy Tap

Highland Reel (2 ptnrs)

Jubilee Jig

Love 'em and Leave 'em

The Maxina

New Parliament House Jig

Pam Gainsford's Delight

Postie's Jig ##

Railway Polka

The Royal Irish Quadrille

Soldier's Joy

Swedish Progressive Waltz

# Couples dances will be announced and commenced by dancers familar with the dance.

This page updated September 3th, 2014.